13th of July

I haven’t thought of a creative way to introduce this blog but I want to give it a shot because I know that I am an impulsive person and there is a possibility that this is the first and the last post on this blog. Let’s hope not.I want this blog to be a personal blog with almost only posts made by me. I’ll try to include pictures sometimes. I already keep a writing diary in Dutch but I would like to move it to a blog. 

So I just came back from Barcelona. The first day I went to the Sagrada Familia. It’s a church designed by Gaudi and is still unfinished. We got a guide to explain the meaning about the different facets of the church. It was very interesting and impressive. I also went to the Picasso museum and saw a lot of his early works. I like his works because I can look at it for eternity, there’s always something in his paintings that I didn’t saw earlier. For the rest of the trip I mostly strolled around and let the streets of Barcelona take me where they wanted to.

Now tha I’m back in Belgium I’m really tired but my family is asking me to visit them. I’m not in the mood and I just want to stay home for a day and enjoy the peace and rest.